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These throwback neanderthals, along with their questionable diet, should clearly be avoided.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

50K training week 2

55 miles for the week.  I have only run more weekly miles once - years ago and if I remember that was when I did a long run on a Sunday, then another long run the following Saturday.

This 55 mile week went as follows:
   - Sunday a slow and steady 6 miler on Santa Fe Trail, Hwy 105 in Monument up to Palmer Lake and back.  The weather was sunny and warm, the trail was a sloppy snow covered mess so even if I wanted to go faster I couldn't, so I didn't.
   - Monday was my long run of the week.  Again on Santa Fe Trail, starting this time at the Northgate entrance to the USAFA, went North 9 miles up to Palmer Lake and back.  I wanted to make this a progression run, so I started out at a 9:25 average, then each mile I dropped the overall average by 5 seconds.  24 hours of warm weather and lots of sun had melted away most of the snow, was still muddy in spots but really only for the top 3 or 4 miles.  With the progressively faster miles I held on well for the first 9 mile, so at the turn I had the overall average down to 8:45 miles.  But by now I was getting tired, physically and mentally. After a few more miles I was to be down at an 8:30 average but just couldn't get there.  8:33 was the best.  So for the last 6 miles I backed off and just tried to finish and be done.  By the time I was done the overall average had dropped by to 8:40 pace.  Total time was 2:36, so not a great run but one to bank for time on the feet and getting it done.
    - Tuesday, a much needed rest day, plus it snowed so it was well timed / planned to have a day off.
    - Wednesday: my weekly loop of the Falcon trail was again on a snowy trail so the goal was just to enjoy the 13 mile loop and 1400+ gain in elevation.  Mission accomplished for a 2:08 time.  That was 5 minutes slower than last week which had much less snow and 11 minutes slower than the week before.
    - Thursday was a big day for me, not just for running - career changing day.  More on that in future posts.  The day also involved a bit of an appearance change.  My last haircut was back in Sept / Oct and I hadn't shaved in close to 2 months.  I have been accused recently of having an appearance of one who lives under a bridge, an accusation I deny - but appearance-wise is possibly accurate.
Okay so admittedly there would be times I would see myself in a mirror and crack up laughing at how silly I look
But with the woolly, caveman look - runs in the frosty weather were more fun
The lady who cuts my hair normally charges $7.  This time she charged me $10
And it took about 20 minutes and 2 razor blades to hack off the hairy cheeks and neck
Thursday was supposed to be a slow and easy recovery run day - but I was feeling adventurous, plus possibly 2 pounds lighter due to lack of hair and beard.  So I did my 8 mile Mt. Herman loop, finishing in near darkness.  The snow was really deep in Limbaugh canyon at the South end, like up to my shorts deep in several places.  Silly me for wearing shorts also as the postholing hacked up the shins quite painfully.  But it was sooooo much fun, was wishing I had a video of some of it.  Around the front end I had to push it a bit as I had no light and needed to get done as I am not a fan of running by braille.  With the extra effort over the last 3 miles I managed to actually beat last weeks time by 2 minutes.
    - Friday afternoon then became my easy recovery run, supposedly.  I wasn't able to get to it till the afternoon when the wind had picked up.  I started at the Woodmen Rd trailhead for Santa Fe trail and decided to take the wind on for the first 5 miles, then have it at my back for the last 5 miles.  Unfortunately it has been many, many months since I have run on paved and concrete surfaces, which this was for all but about 1/3 mile - so my knees were protesting the whole way.  I went out in a 9 minute average, turned and just wanted to be done so I came back at an 8:40 average.  10 miles for the day.

So a good and tough week, three snowy trail runs included.  A 2 1/2 hr run, 2 2 hr runs and a 1 1/2 hr run plus the short 6 miler for 9 hours of running.  I'm taking Saturday and Sunday off in preparation for a "Double Herman" on Monday - starting another 55 mile week.


  1. Top photo of the beard was the best. The fact that you let the neck stuff grow gets you extra points.

  2. Dang - guess I missed a lot on the Thursday run. Maybe next week!