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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A snowy run through the Black Forest Fire zone

This upcoming Saturday is the 4th and final race in the Pikes Peak Road Runners Winter Distance Series.  As it has been for many years, it will take place on the (dirt and paved) roads of Black Forest.  It's a 10k course with lots of rolling hills through a heavily forested setting.  For those who have run the course in years past that will run it this year - the scenery will be different, very different.

Last Summer, the most destructive fire in Colorado's history ravaged through this area, killing 2 people, destroying hundreds of homes, buildings, vehicles and thousands of acres of trees.  I have driven through the burn area several times since the fire, shedding a tear or more every time.  But I have not run though it until this morning.  Today I wanted to run it not just to remember the course as a final training run for the race - but to see the transformation alongside the course.  I wanted to run it today so that when I run it on Saturday I can focus on the race and not on what I am running alongside.  I wanted to get the tears out today, cause it's kinda hard to run when you are crying, especially in a race.

It snowed 4 - 5 inches of snow in the area last night and that snow likely softened my view of the destruction and damage.  Snow blankets are beautiful, even on burnt and scarred settings.  They partially obscure the destruction, almost diminishing the damage.  But it is still there.

The smell of the fire is still there.  Houses are gone, trees burnt, lives changed.  I am proud to be a member of a running community that will donate part of the proceeds of Saturday's race to the local elementary school located in the heart of the fire zone - that was fought for during the fire.  That aside from melted playground slides and burnt bricks on the side of the building - still stands.  School was in session even today on a snowy morning.  Not only that, but as I ran, the sounds of hammers and saws working away filled the air along several roads - houses, and lives are being rebuilt.

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  1. Here in Southern California it seems like we have wildfires nearly every year. It is always sad to see areas go from green and beautiful to black and scarred. One good thing about being a runner is that we get opportunities to participate in races that really help out the local communities. Have fun and good luck!