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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Of course I run off course

I don't think that I am directionally challenged - or I did think that.  Now I am wondering if I am not only losing my marbles, but I am losing my bearings. 

Last Sunday it was during a race - on a course that I have run before - where the pre-race instrucions were simple: "run with the reservoir always to your right".  Of course 7 miles into the race I was off course, nowhere near the reservoir, instead on a game trail, waist deep in tall grass, waking up wild turkeys who clearly had not seen any other people that morning.  I was definitely where I should not have been.  It ended up being a 1 1/3 mile detour.

Then there was today, somewhere between Manitou Springs and Crystal Park, when I was surrounded by nothing but scrub oak, not a trail anywhere close to me, sort of knowing how I got there and kind of knowing where I needed to be going.  Only I couldn't.  I heard a voice somewhere nearby yell out to me: "You're trespassing!  Turn around and go back".

I thought about dropping to the ground and hiding.  I couldn't see who was yelling at me, but they could clearly see me - hopefully not through a scope.  So I turned around and went back, I think.  I found a trail, sort of.  I meandered around trying not to trespass, trying not to be seen, trying to run.  Eventually I found a paved road and made my way back to Manitou Springs.  I had 10 miles, a few scratches and over 2 hours on the legs. 

I was a little frustrated and needed to run some more in a familiar place.  2 reasons: I wanted 22 miles on the day for my last long run before the 50K in 10 days.  The other reason: I needed to prove to myself that I was capable of running and not getting off course.

So I ran up Barr Trail to Bob's Road and back.  It's a trail that I have run on dozens of times before, one that I am familiar with, I have a comfort in knowing where it goes, how it goes and how long it goes for.

I got my 22 miles for the day in.  I ran / walked / hiked / wandered aimlesly for 4 1/2 hours.  I gained about 5200' feet of elevation.  By the time I was done I found where I parked.  I found my car keys.  I then found my way back to my apartment.  I was in familiar surroundings - not off course any more.

I have a big race coming up, I don't want to get lost and go off course on that.  It's not something to really plan for, but it is now certainly occupying space in my already occupied mind.  I was reminded today and last Sunday to pay attention to where I am when I am running.  I should look around and enjoy the scenery but also keep track of the track I am on. 

If I see a bunch of wild turkeys again or if I hear a booming voice yelling at me for trespassing - it is possible that I am having a directionally challenging moment.  I think it was Hansel and Gretl that left a trail of things behind them so as to know where they were.  Maybe I should do that to.

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  1. The best thing about running is getting lost in your thoughts, not the physically getting lost part. I'm glad to hear that it isn't just me. haha.