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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Barr Trail and Elk Park Trail

Got my 3rd marathon distance in the past 4 weeks with this run.  Started at the Pikes Peak Marathon start line in Manitou Springs and went up to Barr Camp via Barr Trail (approx 7.5 miles), then took a right turn onto Elk Park Trail (for another 5.5 miles).

I have not been on this trail before, it was quite varied with a couple of stream crossings, a few rocky sections, a good climbing section for the last mile and more up to the Elk Park parking lot - right at tree line.  But my favorite sections were traversing along the side of the mountain, in the trees, along soft, dirt single track - made even more spongey by many years of leaves and pine needles falling on the trail.

It was a good long run, getting in just over 6000' feet of elevation gain, maxing out about 100' below 12,000' elevation.  Taking the pace nice and easy for a 5 1/2 hour round trip and really enjoying the Elk Park trail which I had all to myself - aside from a few Marmot's and other little critters.

After getting up to the parking lot, I turned and went back on the same trails and finished up with just over 26 miles on the day.


  1. That's a solid run Craig - So are you in for the 50k?

  2. I am in, and looking forward to the mystery of the unknown (distance - for me).