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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Barr Trail conditions for the race this Sunday

I was curious to see what yesterdays flash flood on nearby Highway 24 did to the Barr Trail, in light of the race coming up on Sunday.  I had already planned on running up to Barr Camp this morning, so it was both a training run and a "check the trail conditions" run.  Happy to report that the trail is in good shape and is dry almost the entire way.  No washouts or damage that I could see along the entire course.  The small stretch of water in the little creek bed about 1/5 mile below Barr Camp is a little wet - but no problem at all.

As for my run, I started a little below the Cog railway and went up about a 1/2 mile above Barr Camp - so as to get 14 miles in for my round trip.  Slow and steady on the way up, then easy back down.  Feeling definite weary legs from prior running days, round trip of 2:48 ish, 3900' elevation gain.  I had signed up to do the race with my son - but he has bagged out - his soccer addiction is consuming him, or his texting addiction, or just because he is 14.   Whatever, if he trained and ran it he would probably have beat me anyway.

I have not run the race since 2010 - when I did a 2:20 and change.  I'm hoping to get close to that this year but will be okay if I sneak under 2:30.  I'm feeling tired, not fully fit and treating it as training for PPM 5 weeks after where I am hoping to be in "peak" condition.


  1. Thanks for the update and we'll see you out there on Sunday!

  2. See you Sunday GZ, have a good race.