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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Barr Trail 7.8 miles sign training run

As mentioned in the last post - in these last 3 weeks leading up to race day I will be on the trail for almost all of my training runs.  Started this morning at the race start line and went up almost 6 miles to the 7.8 miles to the summit sign.  That for me has always been a good measuring point, always gives me a better idea than the top of the W's and No-Name Creek checkpoints.

Of course there is still soooooo much more trail to cover between there and the summit, the wheels fall off more times than not - but, it is a round trip just shy of 12 miles, certainly better than running 12 miles on a flatter surface (although that often sounds more appealing during the W's).

I had been perusing the pacing calculator last week and had some splits in mind for todays run, which I was hoping to do at, or very near to, race day effort - on the uphill part.

The results - about 20 seconds ahead of the goal at the top of the W's, about 20 seconds behind at No-Name Creek and about 25 seconds behind at the 7.8 sign.  So, I am pleased with that, but not banking too much on it - because in reality I was giving a strong effort knowing that I was turning around and not having to go the extra 4500 or so feet up.

I turned and came down and a slightly faster than moderate pace.  The W's on the way down were crowded and it also seemed like there were so many more rocks sticking out trying to get me. Fortunately I made it through unscathed for the 11.75 miles, 3100' gain - and finishing it just under 2 hours, 10 minutes.

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