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Monday, October 8, 2012

A Regretable 5K

I have never counted calories and never wanted to - not just because math is not a strong suit of mine.  On the odd occasion that my children ask me for help with their homework - I first ask them if it is for math then they better ask their Mother.

Side note - they also go to her for Science, Social Studies, History, Language Arts.  I get the occasional question on Geography for some wierd reason.  That's when I get to show off my knowledge.  Math however - most recently Algebra homework for the 6th grader and the 8th grader - makes me leave the room.

I actually eat okay - I think.  Sure there is the occasional binge eating of Ice cream, Razzleberry pie, oatmeal and raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, shortbread cookies, chocolate cake, plain cake, red velvet cake, banana cake, in fact -all kinds of cake.   Then there is soda, jelly beans, chocolate, brownies, chips, Chinese food, Mexican food, New Zealand food, big greasy burgers - but usually not all on the same day.

While waiting for the Chiropractor earlier this morning I was reading about a 2000 calorie per day diet being something that was good.   There was a list of "5 foods to avoid" - top of that list was sugar.  Curses.  I hate lists.

Top of the list of "5 foods to enjoy" was Olive oil.  Followed by Spinach.  That got me thinking about Popeye of course.  Which then got me thinking of Popeye's Chicken.  Chicken is supposed to be good, but Turkey is better some would say.  While dwelling on Turkey my mind easily went to Thanksgiving - Yummmm.  Before I knew it - I was starving.

Then came my chiropractic adjustment and I asked the Doc how my back was doing and what is the plan for continued improvement.  Secretly I was hoping he would say something like not starting to stress it out yet by doing anything to crazy.

He told me that my back is improving really well, that things are lining back up into place and that the bulging disc is noticeably "unbulging" (my word, not the Dr's).  Now that the spinal column and the discs are getting back to where they should be, I need to start some new exercises / rehab therapy to help things get stronger.  

Dead bug exercises are what I get to do for the next few weeks, along with.....(noooo, don't say it Doc!!!  I just want to eat everything in sight)....walking more and even a little light running.

So the (guessing) 5000 calorie weekend, possibly all that on Saturday, are now behind me - admittedly I now have an approx 10 pound larger shadow behind me too.  Play time is over.   Time to get to work - this is not only what I need to do - I really want to.

Today I will walk, the goal is 3 miles, trying to jog up to a 1/4 of a mile - after lunch of course. 

You're Fat (Dr Phil)
I can't get back into this exercise thing "cold turkey" - hmmm there I go getting distracted again thinking about food.  When is Thanksgiving?

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