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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 5K's

Not a lot of logic went into this concept.  Most likely has been done before but I don't care. 

Why?  I want to / need to get back into running.  But I need to be careful to not jump back in and hurt myself by doing too much, too soon.  So - I came up with this.  I don't think I can be accused of coming back too fast, too soon if I can follow through on this.

I started this on Monday and here is what I am doing.....

Day 1: Walk 3 miles then Jog .1 miles
Day 2: Walk 2.9, then Jog .2
Day 3: Walk 2.8, then Jog .3
Day 4: Walk 2.7, then Jog .4
Day 5: Walk 2.6, then Jog .5

For the first week the walking is about an 18 1/2 minute per mile pace.  As each week goes by, walking pace will hopefully get faster - but really don't care if it does or doesn't.  For this week the jogging will be at a pace no faster than 10 min mile avg. 

On Saturdays and Sundays - nothing resembling the walk / run 5K plan.  Activities will include wandering around watching my kids soccer games and working on doing honey do lists.  I will also be doing some eliptical work and stationary biking on one or both weekend days.  As each weekend goes by, more time on Eliptical, more time on bike.

Week 2 - the pattern continues with each day being .1 mile less walking, adding .1 mile jogging.  This week I will be jogging a little faster on average - somewhere between 9 to 10 min mile pace.  If I find that is putting too much aches and pains on the back.  Then I will pull the plug and probably just shut it down.  Hopefully though, by doing the increasing ever so little at a time - I will be okay.  I guess I will find out.

Week 3 - same pattern, so by the end of the week (Fri, Oct 26th) - which will be 5K #15 - that day is 1.6 miles walking, followed by 1.5 miles slow running.  This week the pace goal will be 8:30 to 9 min mile averages.  (Likely still doing the same Sat / Sun routine)

Week 4 - same pattern, now I am running faster and further than I will be walking.  Average running pace goal during these 5 days of a 5K per day will be 8 min to 8 1/2 min mile pace.

Week 5 - likely to be colder by now and possibly snow on the ground.  Although my desire will be to doing each 5K outside - I may have to resort to the treadmill.  Will still be following the pattern of decreasing walk length, while adding on run length.  So, on Monday I will walk 1 mile, then run 2.1 miles.  Tues: Walk .9 miles, run 2.2 miles - and so on..... Average pace this week will increase again and be faster (I hope) - aiming for 7:30 to 8 min average.

Week 6 - nearing the end and surely by now I will have either quit, forgot what I was planning on doing, or got bored and decided to climb Pikes Peak (not likely to happen).  But just in case I am still on track and still following my ridiculous plan - by Friday of this week it will be 5K #30.  I will just walk .1 miles and then run 3 miles at a 7 to 7:30 minute mile average pace.

Week 7 - or more specifically: the goal week.  Monday (November 19th) will be 5K #31.  No walking, just running the whole 5K.  Don't know how fast it will be.  Don't know if I will have followed the plan to get there.  If I can - I will try to go sub 7 pace.  If I can't - I won't.  If I do - will be happy.  If I have made it that far by sticking to the plan - I'll be a little surprised.

If it works out - a few days after 5K #31 - I will then run the local YMCA Turkey Trot 5K.  That may be with one or more of my kids, or maybe just by myself.  If I do run it - at least I know I should be able to finish.


  1. Looks like a solid plan. I'll volunteer to pace that 5k run if you need a rabbit ;-)

  2. Steve - you know the Turkey Trot is all on paved roads? Not much Happy bout that kind of trail :) But would fun to do a 5K alongside ya.

    GZ - I was thinking of doing each 5K on Barr Trail - not there yet though.