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Friday, August 16, 2013

Running the Pikes Peak Marathon on Sunday

What that means (to me) is an opportunity to overcome mental limitations, to push myself harder than ever before - and then, only to push beyond that.  It is an event where expectations are high, desire is great and the challenge is huge.  It's tough, it will hurt, it is not easy at any time during the race.

I have trained hard and well for the race.  Sure I would like to not have had a sprained ankle 3 - 4 months ago, and needing to have surgery to remove my gallbladder soon after the race has impacted me some too.  But I am not looking for, or wanting to use excuses. 

I have pondered obsessed needlessly over race splits, other runners, other runners previous race results, other runners predictions, and wasted too much time considering what I need to do in order to "beat" them.

I have experimented with food, hydration, training runs, shoes, clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses and sleep.

I have had many people express interest and support - hoping that I do well.  Their well wishes and encouragement has been well received and I truly appreciate it, and them too.

I have met some great people, fellow runners, on the trails - chatting sometimes with them, sharing stories and some of the details that I know about the race.

I am grateful that I have the experience of completing the race before. 

I know the trail quite well.  I know what it is like to be really lightheaded above tree-line.  I know what it's like to go through the 16 Golden Stairs with a few hundred other people.  I know what it is like to fall on the trail - going up and coming down.  I know that it hurts.  I know what it is like to reach the summit and realize that it is only halfway through the race.  I know that coming down the mountain is a completely different race.

I have had some really good training runs - that point towards a really good result.  I have had some frustrating and miserable runs - that point towards me not even bothering to show up.

But, I will show up on Sunday.  I will run.  I will try to run smart.  I will try not to race anyone else (at least going up - coming down may be a different story).  I will try to stay focused throughout the entire race. 

I know what it is like to finish the race.  I know what it is like to cross the finish line knowing that I have given my best effort.  Last year that was a finishing time of 5:19:05.  This year I want to finish knowing that I have given my best effort - if that translates in time faster than last years - I'll be happy.

I would like to win an age group award.  That requires beating some other runners.  I know that I can't control or impact any other runners - so I need to remember that and run my own race, in essence ignoring everyone else.  If I do that - and it results in a shiny trinket, then I will be happier still.

If I don't - well there is always next year.

For those doing the race (and / or the Ascent on Saturday) I wish you all the best.  Do your best.  Run hard and run with excellence.

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  1. Amen Craig. Bring the bile and the game! No making girls cry either.