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Thursday, August 29, 2013

15 days between marathons - what am i doing?

Pikes Peak Marathon was August 18th, the American Discovery Trail Marathon is Labor Day morning.  15 days between 2 polar opposite marathons.  PPM has 7800' of ascent and descent, peaking over 14,000' elevation.  ADT has a net loss of about 1100'.  ADT runs on hard packed gravel and concrete - wide open trail.  PPM is about 90 % singletrack, not to mention roots, rocks, step ups, step down, sharp turns.  ADT is point to point, PPM is an out and back (better described as an up and down).

The training for the two races is completely different.  For PPM a boatload of vertical, lots of long runs and several drives to the Summit of Pikes Peak to try to get used to the lack of oxygen.  For ADT - ummm, I have done nothing specific for it at all.  That's because the motivation for the 2 races is completely different too.  Pikes was my goal race of the year.  ADT is a race I signed up to run a 9:07 - 9:08 average per mile pace so as to finish within 2 minutes of 4 hours.  It will be my first time as a pacer. 

The only things the 2 races have in common are that they are both marathons and both local to the greater Colorado Springs area.  It's a bit of a shame that the 2 races are so close together on the Calendar - because I would like to give them both a good effort.   As of now I am leaning towards just doing ADT next year and giving it my best effort in the hopes that I can get a Boston Qualifying time (3:25).  That would mean I would not do PPM.

So this week I ran a tempo 8 miler on Monday, a 10 miler yesterday at 9 minute average and today I ran the 13 mile loop of the Falcon Trail (clockwise).  I think I am carrying some decent overall fitness from PPM into ADT - so I am basically relying on that to get me through the 26.2 miles on Monday morning.  I am also banking that it will be a good training run for the 50K that I am thinking of doing the last week of September. 

If I make it through the ADT marathon okay - I will likely commit to the 50K - which I have never run that distance before, and as a result I have no idea how I will do.  But I guess that is part of the draw towards doing it.

ps - my time today on the Falcon Trail was 1:58 - a new PR for the clockwise direction, but over 5 minutes slower than the counter clockwise lap I did about a month ago.  I'll tack on a couple of short, easy runs this weekend - giving me 40 miles on the week - and that will be the extent of my training for ADT.

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  1. Sub-2 Falcon loop, combined with that monkey-off-your-back run at Greenland spotlights some pretty good fitness that you are sporting. Have fun pacing and get ready for that 50k!