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Friday, September 14, 2012


Huge appreciation and many thanks to those who have read and written encouragement.  Your kindness and thoughts are sooooo much better than ibuprofen or any other pain pills right now.

Here's where I am at.....
Started taking anti-inflammatory pills on Wednesday - those have helped in a couple of ways.  They have helped me relax a little better.  Because of the pressure and tenseness along my spine and hips - no position I could get my body into felt comfortable.  Over last weekend into the middle of this week was 100% ouch, 100% of the time.  Getting the hips and spine and the things that connect them a little relaxed has allowed me to find a few moments in a comfortable position - so I can rest.  They have also eased the intensity of the hurt.

Unfortunately I don't stay comfortable for too long - and moving hurts.  Sitting, especially in a car seat is the worst position.  I can and do still drive around - but are limiting that as much as possible.  Walking is a little better, but that ends up putting too much downward pressure on.  So, lying down with my feet elevated seems to be the most helpful.  Although, rolling into and out of that positon is problematic.

Lots of ice packs, pills - although not really wanting to, but realizing they are helping - taking those regularly, and chiropractor visits twice a day: these have helped noticeably.

Prognosis: not sure.  The pain should start to become less within about a week, especially as the inflammation decreases.  We will get another X-Ray next week to see what / if anything has changed and hopefully got better aligned.  The adjustments help the most with the release of pressure.  However, the doc wants an MRI next week also if it doesn't feel or look much better.

Lets say it does get better within a week - meaning the pain is noticeably reduced and I feel better: then I should still expect 4 to 6 weeks of not being able to really do much of anything exercise related.  Meaning not running, lifting anything etc.  That in my mind sucks, but I have already mentally commited to doing at least that.  At least I was until I looked out the window this morning to see snow covering Pikes Peak above treeline.  (Unfortunately - I will stay away)

The Dr is confident we can get things much straighter / more properly aligned - once we get to that point (within this next week or two) - we should be able to identify if it just the anatomical structure of my body that has gone off track.  If that is the case, then it is an (relatively) easy fix - the 4 to 6 week thing.

That's what I am hoping for.  The X-rays revealed my hips and spine to be way off normal / where they should be.  An X-ray just identifies bones though.  The next step / alternative is getting an MRI - which could potentially reveal a damaged hip disc / cartilage / joint / muscle / nerve thingy or thingy's.  Some of those things could be infected (ie: like an infected tooth needing a root canal), or something could be torn.  Could be a few other things.  Those would most likely need surgery.

Getting cut on is not an option now, I'm not in a hurry at all to do that.  I'll certainly endure through another week to see if getting things straightened out leads to me feeling better.  My mind is in a better place.  I have my family which is awesome - even when it comes to helping me put on socks.  And thanks again to you who is reading this for your encouragement.

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  1. Any kind of progress is good right now, and we're hoping along with you that the scalpel is completely out of the picture! You know where we're at - need help with anything, pick up the phone!