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Friday, October 31, 2014

Running the rebound race

I'm not too familiar with what exactly is a rebound relationship - aside from thinking it has something to do with: being in a relationship for a while, then for whatever reason that relationship ends and before you know it - you jump back in almost immediately into another relationship - sometimes a little recklessly or even foolishly.

Enter the running variation of a rebound relationship......I don't think I am alone in experiencing the following: finish a race that you had invested a long amount of time, sweat and hard work into - but you don't do so well.  You don't finish how you expected.  You did just "okay".  It leaves a bad taste in your mouth, or an empty feeling in your gizzard.  You are left with a need for a "second chance", "redemption", "payback".

So you (me) start to look for another race to get "revenge" on your last performance.

I finished the Stump Jump 50K just 4 weeks ago with the feeling of not achieving what I wanted.  I would even admit that I was flat out frustrated.  2 days later I found the "rebound race".
I didn't immediately sign up, I wavered back and forth between committing to do it and bailing on it.

I kind of trained for it - if you count one 25 mile meandering run in the foothills a couple of weeks ago.  But I didn't commit to being fully prepared for another lengthy race - just 4 weeks after my last one.  I gained a few pounds in the past 4 weeks.  Took about 6 or 7 days that I didn't run at all.  But last Saturday night I signed up for it - but not the 50K.

I will be running the 50 miler.  My first ever 50 miler.

This will be 18 miles further than I have ever run before.  With over 11 1/2 thousand feet of gain, it will be the most vertical I've ever done.  And of course the length of time to do it - of which I have no idea how long that will be - will be by far the longest time running (shuffling, walking, staggering) I will ever attempt.

If and when I finish - the only rebound I will likely be thinking is rebounding from one tub of ice cream to another.

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